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Plug-in to fresh fragrance 24/7!

Gold Canyon’s answer to 24/7 fragrance is the electric plug-in Scentric™, a Scent Delivery System. This CSA Safety Certified scent system delivers a subtle fragrance for up to 30 days without releasing bacteria into the air. The Scentre fragrance bulb features Diamond-Light sparkle and rotates to match the direction of the outlet. Available in 10 air-freshening fragrances.

Scentre™ Plug-in Fragrance

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Scentric™ Plug-In Unit

Plastic & metal. 2 1/2" Deep x 1 1/2" W x 3" H.

Autumn Walk Scentre™

Enchanting jasmine. Woody musk. Spicy sandalwood.

Brown Sugar Cookie Scentre™

Scrumptious toffee. Warm brown sugar. Baked vanilla.

Cinnamon Vanilla Scentre™

Spicy cinnamon. Sweet butter. Heartwarming vanilla.

Fresh Orange Scentre™

Juicy orange. Sparkling grapefruit. Silky vanilla.

Ginger Lime Scentre™

Electrifying lime. Refreshing lemongrass. Zesty ginger.

Graple-Berry Scentre™

Sophisticated grape. Luscious plum. Sweet vanilla.

Mango Cooler Scentre™

Delicious mango. Exotic pineapple. Cool orange peel.

Pomegranate Scentre™

Fresh pomegranate. Ripe strawberry. Tart green apple.

Sweet Pea Scentre™

Ripened raspberry. Dreamy sweet pea. Blossoming lilies.

White Citrus Scentre™

Lively citrus. Juicy tangerine. Comforting vanilla.

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